St. Louis Symphony: born to be wild?

Posted on: December 3, 2014

“Thanks to pop culture, we’re all familiar with plenty of weird motorcycle gangs,” writes Allison Babka in Tuesday’s (12/2) Riverfront Times (St. Louis, Missouri). “But an orchestra’s bassoon players wearing leather chaps and acting like badasses? Really? But that’s exactly what happened during the St. Louis Symphony’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ performances over the weekend. Four members of the symphony’s bassoon section took their parts in composer Michael Daugherty’s piece ‘Hell’s Angels’ a bit too literally, to the delight of SLSO audiences.… Performing as the namesake bikers, the musicians—bassoonists Andrew Cuneo, Andy Gott and Felicia Foland, along with contrabassoonist Gregg Henegar—sported black leather and fake tattoos. We had no idea that woodwind players could look so fierce! Audiences were into the ‘Hell’s Angels’ surprise, giving the bassoon section standing ovations during each performance. We’re sold! If today’s gangs are looking for musicians who can perform Gershwin and Bernstein numbers, then there’s a place for us yet.” The story is accompanied by photos and tweets about the bassoonists as well as a promotional video for the concert.

Posted December 3, 3014