Top ten reasons why orchestras are cool

Posted on: December 23, 2014

In the Canadian edition of Monday’s (12/22) Huffington Post, Sacha DeVoretz writes, “I consider the symphony as cool as Radiohead, Boards of Canada or Ele (my new favourite artist). Recently, I spoke with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and they shared with me the top 10 reasons why the symphony is cool.” Among the top 10 listed reasons: Elizabeth Volpé-Bligh, VSO Principal Harp: “Impress your date/spouse/friend with how suave and classy you are. Caroline Markos, VSO PR Associate: There really is no other profession where you can go watch someone’s life’s work play out in front of your eyes. Orchestral musicians have been working at their instrument since they were four or five years old. Warren J. Long, VSO Section Bass: A perfect setting to meet other people who love music! Cristian Markos, VSO Section Cello: Contrary to what most people think, going to the symphony is really affordable. Rush tickets are less expensive than the price of a movie ticket plus snacks! David Brown, VSO Section Bass: People love to be inspired and to share meaningful experiences together. Technology won’t change this as it’s a fundamental part of our humanness. Even complete novices recognize there is a profound difference between attending a live concert and listening to a recording.”

Posted December 23, 2014