Coming soon: Buddhism-inspired opera where the audience can do yoga

Posted on: January 21, 2015

“The world’s first ‘mindfulness opera’ will feature silence, yoga, communal eating and even washing up when it is launched by the Barbican in September,” reads an unsigned article on Tuesday (1/20) at the BBC News (U.K.). “The four-hour show Lost in Thought will take audiences on ‘an inner journey of mindfulness’ based on an extended meditation, including periods of rest. Performers … will mingle with the audience as they lead the interactive opera. Composer Rolf Hind has created both the concept and Buddhism-inspired music. He is hoping the immersive musical performance will counteract the ‘critical mind’ which people often apply to a show or concert, as well as the usual barriers between the audience and the performers. The audience will be asked to be completely silent but will be taking part in a ‘gentle yoga session,’ as well as sitting and eating vegan food together…. Seven musicians will accompany singer [mezzo-soprano Lore] Lixenberg and the audience on their ‘mindfulness journey’ at LSO St Luke’s in London from 25-27 September…. The show’s world premiere has been announced as part of the Barbican’s classical music season for 2015-16.”

Posted January 21, 2015