Meet “emmenommajoshuabelli,” a new spider species

Posted on: March 25, 2015

“Entomologists Lina Almeida-Silver and Charles Griswold of the California Academy of Sciences have named a species of spider after violinist Joshua Bell, who’s playing with the San Francisco Symphony next month,” writes Leah Garchik in Tuesday’s (3/24) San Francisco Chronicle (subscription required). “This may be the first time that anyone with a spider namesake plays at Davies Hall. Hard to check, though. Emmenommajoshuabelli is a member of the spider subfamily Macrobuninae. Every spider in this particular subfamily has an apparatus that enables it to make vibrations and therefore communicate with other members of the subfamily—move over and stop snoring, honey. The vibrations are translated into sound, which is what the entomologists are studying.”

Posted March 25, 2015