San Francisco Symphony’s multimedia concert hall lures new audiences

Posted on: March 25, 2015

“You walk into SoundBox, the San Francisco Symphony’s 4-month-old experimental music venue, through a back door of Louise M. Davies Hall, and go down,” reports Cy Musiker in a broadcast and article posted on Sunday (3/22) on California public radio station KQED. “So it’s got that underground club vibe.… People sip their drinks, and perch on cushions or lie on the scarred floor, tweeting, shooting selfies and chatting away until the music starts. And then the crowd of 500 gets as quiet as any audience at a more formal concert… ‘SoundBox encourages people to come for the experience of the space itself,’ said Michael Tilson Thomas [San Francisco Symphony Music Director].… ‘They know it’s about a lot of music that perhaps they haven’t heard, but it’s that sense of adventure that’s very much a part of it.’ … [It’s] a recipe for a younger audience, according to [League of American Orchestras President and CEO] Jesse Rosen: ‘A greater emphasis on intimacy, being in smaller spaces, increased priority on being able to socialize, and have an environment conducive to visiting and talking and drinking.’ ”

Posted March 25, 2015