Detroit: I hear a symphony

Posted on: March 30, 2015

“Tod Machover’s passion for ‘Symphony in D,’ the first sonic portrait of Detroit, is largely due to the material at his disposal: The city’s rich, yet often overlooked, relationship with music and a community eager to continue it,” writes Kaitlyn Buss in Thursday’s (3/26) Detroit News. “His research into Detroit’s neighborhoods and people, along with sounds submitted by Detroiters over the coming months, will be the basis for the symphony, set to debut in November” by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. “Dennis Scholl, vice president of the arts for the Knight Foundation, approached Machover about coming to Detroit after realizing how much he involves the community in his pieces. It’s only fitting [that] the home of Motown and techno, and the first city to put its orchestra on the radio, is blazing the American trail with a new kind of musical production.… Detroit’s often troubling story is boosted by its penchant for music. ‘(The Detroit Symphony Orchestra) refused to give up on Detroit,’ says Paul Hogle, executive vice president of the DSO.… A performance by the DSO or at the Detroit Opera House, or a show at the Fox Theatre kept people coming downtown when it was an otherwise questionable place to be.”

Posted March 30, 2015