Portland Symphony and Storm Large in “Seven Deadly Sins”

Posted on: April 17, 2015

In Tuesday’s (4/14) Maine Today (Portland), Bob Keyes interviews Storm Large, “the sassy singer from the other Portland [Oregon, who] joins the Portland Symphony Orchestra on Sunday and Tuesday for performances of Kurt Weill’s 1930s paean to American excess, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins.’ Large, the lead singer for the band Pink Martini, is a longtime friend of PSO conductor Robert Moody, who arranged her appearance and prepared the orchestra…. Large, who grew up as a punk singer, [is] adept at handling a range of music. Weill is right up her alley, and singing with an orchestra is almost too much fun, she said. ‘My work with the symphonies is very new. My home symphony in Oregon had me and my band perform a few years ago, and we just fell in love with the whole format,’ she said. Large sees [Seven Deadly Sins] as a metaphor for capitalism. The piece associates each sin with a different American city.… ‘I walk out on stage as the piece begins, and it’s sort of like a girl walks into a bar. She orders a drink, and she tells her life story,’ Large said.” The PSO program also includes Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony.

Posted April 17, 2015