Intergenerational residence for seniors and young artists marks five years

Posted on: May 14, 2015

“Janet Hall grimaces as she hits an off note on her violin, one of the few heard” during a recent recital at Judson Manor, a residence for seniors in Cleveland, Ohio, writes John Hanc in Thursday’s (5/14) New York Times. Hall, 78, and her accompanist, Daniel Parvin, “a 25-year-old doctoral candidate student at the Cleveland Institute of Music … are residents at Judson Manor…. The artist-in-residence program provides furnished one-bedroom apartments to three graduate students from the Cleveland Institute of Music at no charge, for the duration of their studies. In exchange, the students perform regular concerts … with musically inclined residents. The program began five years ago, when the Cleveland Institute, just a few blocks away, was experiencing a housing shortage for its students…. Richard K. Gardner, 86, a resident at Judson for 12 years … admits he was skeptical at first. But … ‘it has far exceeded any of our expectations,’ he admits…. Students and elders … bump into each other in the hall, swap recipes, meet each other’s families.… [Resident] Karen Holtkamp, 73 … says, ‘A lot of us go through such physical ills. To hear these young people and the beauty of their music helps us to bear the burden.’ ”

Posted May 14, 2015