Dallas Symphony and St. Vincent’s sold-out Soluna concert

Posted on: May 19, 2015

“Dallas-raised singer-songwriter (and recent Grammy winner) Annie Clark, who performs as St. Vincent, is far afield from where she began eight years ago with her debut album, Marry Me,” writes Preston Jones in Monday’s (5/18) Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas). “No previous performance, however, could have prepared a sold-out audience for what Clark attempted Sunday with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at the Winspear Opera House: a concert doubling as an art installation … staged as part of the inaugural Soluna International Music & Arts Festival.… During ‘Actor Out of Work,’ a small troupe of dancers was occasionally glimpsed behind the band, frozen in space by the strobing lights. But the most audacious addition was that of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, led by assistant conductor Karina Canellakis. Clad entirely in white jumpsuits, like a small army of painters that just happened to pick up instruments, the orchestra’s own 45-minute portion added a compelling new dimension to St. Vincent’s music…. The sharp contrast between the orchestra’s rich, deft presentation and St. Vincent’s jagged, nervy disposition was pulse-quickening—the members were wholly part of Clark’s grand vision, moving about from song to song, refusing to stay static and staid [and] incorporating the players as more than just adornment.”

Posted May 19, 2015

Pictured: St Vincent performed Sunday night with members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at the Winspear Opera House. Photo by Mikel Galicia