Shreveport Symphony to premiere symphony by Kermit Poling, one of its violinists

Posted on: May 27, 2015

In Thursday’s (5/21) Shreveport Times (Louisiana), Neil Johnson, a photographer based in Shreveport, writes about his decision to spearhead the commission of a new work for the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra by Kermit Poling, a violinist in that orchestra who is also a conductor and composer. The piece will have its world premiere in January 2016. “Poling came into my studio early last year to update his portrait for his leadership position in his now two orchestras” as music director of the South Arkansas Symphony and Marshall (Texas) Symphony orchestras. “We began chatting about his career as a composer” and the possibility of commissioning a piece. “We talked about naming the piece the ‘Shreveport Symphony’ and I would raise the funds from folks other than regular orchestra givers…. Maestro Michael Butterman and the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra board and staff officially blessed our little project.… There are two important lessons here. First, we don’t have to sit back and wait for artists to create. Patrons, for centuries, have been part of the creative process with artists…. Secondly, far too often, we think—incorrectly—that the best happens elsewhere…. But there is a riverboatload of creative talent … right here.”

Posted May 27, 2015