YOLA musicians on the air in Los Angeles

Posted on: June 16, 2015

On Sunday (6/14), KCAL9, the CBS Los Angeles television station, aired a segment about the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles. A post at the station’s website reads, “Members of the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles visited KCAL9 Sunday morning for a performance. The musicians played [an all-clarinet arrangement of] Danzón No. 5 by Arturo Marquez while visiting the studio. About 700 students, ages 6-18, are part of the program, which started in 2007, according to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association’s Gretchen Nielsen. ‘The goal of this program is both musical but also social,’ Nielsen said. ‘We’re really trying to develop citizens of the world who have skills that are transferable to everyday life—teamwork skills, leadership skills, compassion, knowing how to build a community within their community,’ she said.” To watch YOLA student musicians performing on the CBS program, click here.

Posted June 16, 2015