Fort Worth’s Concerts in the Garden turns 25 with “Star Wars and Beyond”

Posted on: June 30, 2015

“Fort Worthians take pride in supporting a wide range of cultural events, but few programs have achieved the popularity of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra summer series, Concerts in the Garden,” writes Edward Brown in Monday’s (6/29) Fort Worth Weekly (Texas). “Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, the outdoor festival opened in 1991 as a collaboration between Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth Botanical Society, and the City of Fort Worth’s Parks and Community Services Department.… [Last Friday’s] Star Wars & Beyond [program] brought out many audience members’ inner nerd, including one storm trooper fabulously bedazzled in rhinestones…. A string-centric rendition of the theme from Game of Thrones brought the biggest applause of the first half of the concert.” The orchestra also performed a tribute to film composer James Horner, who died four days before the concert. Concerts in the Garden Artistic Director Andres “Franco tested the audience’s fervor for each sci-fi dynasty by comparing applause. Star Wars won, but Star Trek music was next up…. The vibe was more like a rock concert than an orchestra performance…. The lightshow was perfectly timed with the music and created a thrilling sensory overload.”

Posted June 30, 2015

Pictured: The Fort Worth Symphony’s June 26 “Star Wars & Beyond” program at Concerts in the Garden. Photo by Barry Hylander