Violinist invents sportswear-inspired tuxedo shirt for classical performers

Posted on: July 10, 2015

“Why shouldn’t symphony musicians have high-tech apparel, just like athletes do? After all, playing the violin or any other instrument certainly requires a degree of sweat and athleticism,” writes Laurie Niles on Tuesday (7/7) at “Men … usually have to wear restrictive tux shirts and jackets when playing a classical concert. This is the issue that led violinist and businessman Kevin Yu to found a company called Coregami, with the stated mission of designing the perfect concertwear for musicians. In June they introduced their first product to the world: a tux shirt.” Yu says there were three reasons he wanted to make “the perfect tux shirt: Personal frustration, lack of options in the formal wear category, and an abundance of options in other fashion categories. When I couldn’t find the right tuxedo shirt. For more room, I always had to buy a size too big.… The idea of Coregami was conceived on the running trail…. As I was cooling down one morning, I took a closer look at my Under Armour running shirt. It was stretchy, moisture-wicking, and light as air. I thought to myself, ‘Why can’t I be this comfortable while I’m on stage?’ ” 

Posted July 10, 2015