At Harvard Medical School, integrating the arts into doctor training

Posted on: July 15, 2015

In the July-August issue of Harvard magazine Zara Zhang writes, “A group of self-organized Harvard Medical School community members will launch a new ‘Arts&Humanities@HMS’ program…. David S. Jones, Ackerman professor of the culture of medicine and director of the new program … said that many people at HMS have skills and interests in the arts and humanities, ‘but they do it in addition to being a doctor, not as part of being a doctor. We are trying to make a case that those interests are an important part of being a doctor.’ … The program’s … planned activities include an artist-in-residence program, workshops in the arts, theatrical productions, and subsidized trips to artistic events.” Lisa Wong, an associate director of the program, is an assistant clinical professor of pediatrics “and a violinist who has served for 20 years as president of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra, an ensemble composed primarily of members from Boston’s healthcare community. Wong sees a close parallel between medicine and music…. To succeed in both fields, one needs to become comfortable with ambiguities, experiment with new approaches, and practice, rehearse, and revise constantly. Both fields also require teamwork and good communication.”

Posted July 15, 2015