Adelaide Symphony invites audience to experience music via virtual-reality headsets

Posted on: July 21, 2015

“Audiences in South Australia’s capital will wear virtual reality headsets this week to see and hear Adelaide Symphony Orchestra performances, with a promise that music lovers will find it a richer concert experience,” reads an unsigned article on Sunday (7/19) at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website. “Goggles providing 360-degree visuals, accompanied by surround sound from headphones, will help the audience feel like they are on the stage amid the orchestral performers. The 3D visuals were filmed at a recent performance. ASO managing director Vincent Ciccarello said, ‘It’s quite a mind-blowing experience, being able to be actually a part of the orchestra, seemingly a member of the orchestra with the violins to one side, woodwind behind you, and then the brass and double basses and cellos to the left of you…. We’re hoping it’ll give a much deeper, more immersive experience for people who perhaps have already dabbled in orchestral music but just want to enhance that experience.’ … ‘Every day there’ll be a different piece [from a recent] concert that’ll be featured,’ Mr Ciccarello said…. ‘We’re really excited about the potential for music education and to be able to direct students’ learning through this medium,’ he said.”

Posted July 21, 2015