Tourangeau dives in at Pittsburgh Symphony

Posted on: August 11, 2015

“Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s new chief executive officer, Melia Peters Tourangeau, 44, is used to seizing opportunities, including one that allowed her to start her new job earlier than expected,” writes Mark Kanny in Saturday’s (8/8) Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Tourangeau took over July 20, instead of the expected mid-August date. She and her family … were able to quickly sell their house in Utah, where she was CEO of Utah Symphony│Utah Opera, and buy one in Sewickley…. Tourangeau discusses many of the challenges facing the Pittsburgh Symphony, how she plans to address them, and the professional and personal challenges she faced on her path from a piano and musicology student to holding top orchestral management positions.… ‘When I talked with the PSO, there were a real desire to not just be of the community but of being engaged with it in critical ways.… It’s one of the best orchestras in the world.’ The priority is get to a balanced budget…. She was interested in Pittsburgh for the same reason that she got into the orchestra business—believing orchestras are a meaningful part of a community.… ‘My whole career has been based on that premise,’ she says.”

Posted August 11, 2015