Renew your League membership now!

Posted on: September 3, 2015

Now is the time to renew your membership in the League, before it expires on September 30. Log in at to renew. As a member, you and your organization benefit from the League’s activities in a number of areas:

•    An ambitious research and information program that gives you critical data for making knowledgeable decisions.

•    Leadership and learning opportunities that help you and your colleagues meet the needs of your organization today.

•    Public policy and public relations work that amplifies your organization’s voice and helps to tell your story.

•    Publications (including The Hub!) that keep you up to date with the fast-changing orchestra scene, and networking resources that connect you and others in your organization with peers and leaders in the field.
These benefits and the many others offered by the League are outlined in more detail in this brochure, Benefits of Belonging. Questions? Contact Kim Schneider, Manager, Member and Data Services, 646 822 4080 or

Posted September 3, 2015