Editorial: Supporting the arts enriches a community

Posted on: September 4, 2015

“Earlier this month … the Binghamton Philharmonic announced that it was canceling the first classical concert for this season, set for Sept. 26, because of a contract dispute with the Binghamton Musicians’ Association Local 380,” writes Chris Kocher, a staff member of the Press and Sun Bulletin (Binghamton, New York) in an editorial on Saturday (8/29). “The philharmonic points out that it’s been running at a deficit for years, and the union says that mileage compensation is key to getting quality musicians to come to Binghamton to perform.… I’m sure both parties would agree on one thing: The philharmonic wouldn’t be in this predicament if the public would give it more support.… Larger community support and investment are needed if we are going to maintain (or even grow) the number of arts offerings. Yes, part of the problem—a big part—is the Southern Tier economy. We no longer have large employers like IBM offering lucrative jobs to thousands of residents.… Something powerful happens, though, when we share a communal experience like a concert or play.… A thriving arts community is one of the factors that employers consider when looking to bring jobs to a region, so that’s definitely a win/win scenario.”

Posted September 4, 2015