Signs of the times: Avery Fisher Hall becomes David Geffen Hall

Posted on: September 22, 2015

“ ‘The changing over to David,’ as Johnny Rivera describes it, has kept him busy,” writes James Barron in Monday’s (9/21) New York Times. “Rivera owns a design firm that installs signs…. Giving him more work was probably not something that David—the entertainment mogul David Geffen—thought about when Lincoln Center announced that he was giving $100 million to renovate and rename Avery Fisher Hall, the home of the New York Philharmonic. But there are 61 signs and maps that say ‘Avery Fisher’ around Lincoln Center…. By the time the philharmonic’s season opens on Thursday, Mr. Rivera will be gone, and so will Avery Fisher’s name. After 42 years, Avery Fisher Hall will officially become David Geffen Hall…. The letters that spell ‘Avery Fisher Hall’ and ‘Home of the New York Philharmonic’ over the box office windows had already been taken down last week…. ‘I counted every letter and every dot,’ said Amanda Dunn, Lincoln Center’s assistant director for operations and event services…. Dunn took note as she watched Mr. Rivera work on changing a map a few steps away. ‘Very few people appreciate signage,’ Mr. Rivera said…. ‘People take it for granted, but it takes a lot of creativity.’ ”

Posted September 22, 2015