Hong Kong partially rescinds musical instrument ban on trains

Posted on: October 28, 2015

Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway has “eased size restrictions to allow pre-registered cellos to be carried on trains, but larger musical instruments will still be banned due to safety concerns, the railway operator announced yesterday,” writes Oliver Chou in Wednesday’s (10/28) South China Morning Post (Hong Kong). The change followed protests from professional and student musicians in Hong Kong. “Head of operations Francis Li Shing-kee said a four-month trial scheme, starting on Monday, would allow for most instruments to be taken aboard trains after they are registered…. Under the scheme, the maximum length limit will be extended from 130cm to 145cm, and the total dimensions from 170cm to 235cm. Any permit-holder carrying an instrument within those limits will be able to travel on weekdays, except the morning peak hour from 8.15am to 9.15am, as well as all times at weekends…. However, larger instruments such as 163cm guzheng and 183cm double bass, will not be allowed on MTR trains at all times.” Said Li, “We are a mass railway and can’t serve just individuals and sacrifice the benefits of several million Hong Kong people.”

Posted October 28, 2015