Symphoria rebuilds by connecting with community, featuring guests like Itzhak Perlman

Posted on: October 29, 2015

“Itzhak Perlman last performed locally in 2004 as a soloist with the now-defunct Syracuse Symphony Orchestra,” writes Jeremy Reynolds in Wednesday’s (10/28) Syracuse New Times (N.Y.). “A new orchestra, named Symphoria, rose from the ashes, thanks to several SSO musicians who worked to create a new, more sustainable company. The young orchestra, now in its third season, is developing strategies to cultivate a regular audience. One concept includes Perlman’s return to the Salt City on Sunday, Nov. 1.… ‘It definitely puts the orchestra on a national stage,’ said Lawrence Loh, Symphoria’s music director. ‘We expect that this will not just be people from Central New York, but that it’s going to draw a much wider audience.’ ” Said Symphoria Managing Director Catherine Underhill, “Once we increase our visibility, people will understand what a rich cultural opportunity Symphoria provides through its programming and community partnerships…. We’re not trying to resuscitate the former institution, but rather create the orchestra best suited to serve our community and region.” Rachelle Schlosser, director of media relations for the League of American Orchestras, said, “People that come to hear these organizations wind up spending their dollars locally, and it’s a really great way of feeding local businesses. It’s a win-win.” (Read Symphony magazine’s article about orchestras on the rebound, including Symphoria, here.)

Posted October 29, 2015