Erie Philharmonic brings “musicalympics” to area students

Posted on: November 6, 2015

“Members of the Erie Philharmonic traded in their formal wear, for sportswear, to put on a show for children,” reads an unsigned article in Wednesday’s (11/4) Erie News Now (Pa.) “The Erie Philharmonic presents their youth concert every year at the Warner Theater and this year the theme gave students an inside look at the world of sports…. ‘When they played John Williams, that was some pretty cool music,’ added Austin Hasen … from Grover Cleveland Elementary School.  ‘The discipline and the hard work and the teamwork that go into succeeding in music are also the same qualities that go into succeeding in sports,’ said Erie Philharmonic Music Director Daniel Meyer…. ‘We talk about the aspects of training that if you want to become a musician or if you want to become an athlete, there are hours of training that goes into both, between being a bicyclist of a violin player, the same amount of hours go into both,’ said Erie Philharmonic Executive Director Steve Weiser…. ‘We can teach the students that you don’t have to pick one, you can definitely be a sports person and a musician,’ added Weiser…. Students from all 15 City of Erie schools were in attendance.”

Posted November 6, 2015