Lancaster Symphony “plays it forward” for area music teachers

Posted on: December 3, 2015

“This December, one Christmas tree at Menchey Music will be decorated with ornaments asking for reeds, strings and blocks of rosin,” writes Erin Egley on Wednesday (12/2) at Lancasteronline (PA). “These musical decorations will help Lancaster students in need have new musical supplies and continuing playing. Usually music teachers pay for the supplies out of their own pockets when students can’t afford the supplies. At the School District of Lancaster, more than 75 percent of students live in poverty and the money teachers spend can be significant, said Melinda Myers, Community Engagement and Grants Manager at Lancaster Symphony Orchestra. That cost varies from school to school and the time of year, but it can be about $25 a month. The orchestra’s Play It Forward fundraiser will be based at Menchey Music [where] you can find a tree decorated with supplies teachers have requested, which cost from $2 to $25.” In-store donations are being accepted through December 14.

Posted December 3, 2015