Pittsburgh Symphony’s FUSE and pops series aim to reach families and young adults

Posted on: December 3, 2015

“Going to see the symphony seems inaccessible to many people, but the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is doing everything in its power to change that,” writes Elizabeth Turnbull in Tuesday’s (12/1) Point Park Globe, the student newspaper at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. “The PSO is actively working to make the symphony accessible to a wider range of people, including families and young adults. One of the PSO’s larger efforts is the FUSE concert series. Steve Hackman, 35, works as the creative director of the series…. The series officially began in October with its first show—Beethoven v. Coldplay. The next shows will be Copland + Bon Iver and Stravinsky Remixed.… ‘The show is an innovative new approach to classical music presentations through re-contextualizing classical repertoire using techniques like mash-ups, remixes,’ Hackman said.” Rachel Howard, the PSO’s director of popular programming, commented, “I always ask [people who have never been to the symphony] about their interests—is it movies, specific music genres or groups, video games? Chances are, we have a program that is somehow connected to their other interests.”

Posted December 3, 2015