Courting concertgoers under 40 at Lincoln Center

Posted on: December 11, 2015

In Friday’s (12/11) New York Times, Joshua Barone writes that at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, and New York City Ballet are “attracting and grooming future audiences with discount programs that … break out of the traditional age-specific model of offering reduced tickets to children, students and seniors … [pushing] the qualifying age for discounts as far as 40. And they come with catchy names, even alliterations like Fridays Under 40 and Philharmonic Free Fridays…. Fridays Under 40, introduced at the Metropolitan Opera this season, also includes a preshow party and a later curtain…. In the inaugural season of Philharmonic Free Fridays, nearly 40 percent of the 2,000 tickets available went to people between the ages of 21 and 26…. The older audience members seemed to really like it, said Matthew VanBesien, the orchestra’s executive director. ‘The more young people, the more energy,’ he said…. On select Fridays, the Philharmonic gives away 100 tickets to concertgoers between the ages of 13 and 26. Reservations are open beginning at noon the Monday before; the tickets are usually gone by 1 p.m. Seats are scattered throughout David Geffen Hall.”

Posted December 11, 2015