Fort Worth Symphony musicians reject final three-year contract offer

Posted on: January 25, 2016

“Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians rejected a final three-year contract offer from orchestra management Friday that included pay cuts,” writes Andrea Ahles in Friday’s (1/22) Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX). “The vote … occurred before the orchestra’s Night at the Oscars concert at Bass Hall… The musicians, represented by the American Federation of Musicians Local 72-147, have authorized a strike but have not called one. ‘We demand that management return to the table and continue bargaining,’ union Secretary-Treasurer Stewart Williams said…. With the rejection, management said it plans to implement concessionary contract terms Monday that include more than 8 percent in wage cuts, accomplished primarily by reducing vacation days. The two sides have been in negotiations since June and are $4 million apart on the value of a new contract. Orchestra management is projecting a $650,000 deficit for this season and says without pay cuts, the orchestra could close within two years. In response to a slowing Spanish economy, the orchestra recently canceled a six-city tour of Spain that was scheduled in May. It has also ended the past four seasons with deficits, symphony management said.”

Posted January 25, 2016