Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy launches website devoted to composer Amy Beach

Posted on: February 9, 2016

American composer and pianist Amy Beach (1867-1944) is the focus of a website just launched in advance of the 150th anniversary of Beach’s birth in 2017. The Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy created the site, which will include regular blog posts about newly published scholarship, upcoming performances, new music editions, and recently released recordings. The Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy has also prepared a new edition of Beach’s Symphony in E minor Op. 32 (“Gaelic”) and is working on other new editions as well. The nonprofit Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy—an outgrowth of the Women’s Philharmonic, 1981-2004—was established in 2008 to support the performance of orchestral works by women composers. Musicologist Liane Curtis, on the faculty at Brandeis University, is the organization’s president.

Posted February 9, 2016