Opinion: the real entertainment bargains are classical concerts

Posted on: February 10, 2016

“Movies, novels and television shows love to present classical music concerts as black-tie, tuxedo-wearing affairs attended by wealthy, champagne-swilling patrons,” writes Ken Ross in Tuesday’s (2/9) MassLive.com (western Mass.). “The problem is, it just isn’t true. In many cases, many rock concerts and professional sporting events are far more expensive and much more exclusive. Take rock n’ roll’s working-class hero—Bruce Springsteen.… Tickets range from $72 to $154 without fees. Add in fees and you can expect to spend about $174 for the best tickets.… Here are the ticket prices for several of New England’s symphony orchestras.… Tickets for the Springfield Symphony Orchestra start at $28 and go up to $71 for an upcoming concert on Feb. 27.… Want to see the Hartford Symphony Orchestra? Tickets range from $35 to $71 for several upcoming concerts.…You can catch the Boston Symphony Orchestra performing Strauss, Dvorák, Tchaikovsky and a world premiere for $30 to $104 a ticket.… So if you don’t have enough money to see Bruce, Kenny Chesney or Coldplay, why not check out your local symphony orchestra for a fraction of the cost. Who knows. You just might love hearing these amazing musicians perform such thrilling music.”

Posted February 10, 2016