Memphis Symphony: Robert Moody’s first season as music director

Posted on: February 26, 2016

“[Robert] Moody, who has served as Music Director for the Winston-Salem Symphony, Artistic Director of Arizona Musicfest, and Music Director of the Portland Symphony Orchestra, has been named to succeed Mei Ann Chen as the conductor of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra,” writes Chris Davis in Wednesday’s (2/24) Memphis Magazine (Tenn.). “The MSO’s newly announced 2016-17 season has Moody’s fingerprints all over it. The MSO and Moody have been courting since 2006, when he was first invited to guest conduct a special concert in honor of Elvis Presley’s birthday.” Moody spoke about the upcoming season, “We have to be the keepers of the greatest music. We have to play Tchaikovsky, and Wagner, and Brahms.… But we also have to push the envelope. We have to find out what living composers are doing and we have to find out what kinds of collaborations exist that nobody thought of 10, 20, or 100 years ago…. Memphis is such a music town and there’s so much great music in so many different genres. And we want to be one of the key collaborators and partners in all kinds of music.”

Posted February 26, 2016