Oklahoma City Phil’s multifaceted education programs

Posted on: March 31, 2016

“Oklahoma City grownups who wish they had learned an instrument when they were younger or paid more attention to their childhood music lessons can do more than just live with that regret,” writes Brandy McDonnell in Monday’s (3/28) Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK). “Said Katie Barrick, education coordinator for the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and Oklahoma City Orchestra League, …  ‘Yes, we want you come be a part of our family and attend concerts and have that musical experience with us. But if you’re interested in taking it up a level … and having that individual experience as well, that’s there, no matter what age you are.’ … The philharmonic offers 18 different educational programs…. For adults, the eight-week Be the Orchestra program … offers beginning violin, viola, cello and bass courses…. Music lovers with high school or college experience also can dust off those skills April 10 in a new program called Play With the Pros, which invites amateur musicians ages 25 and older to rehearse side by side with the philharmonic’s professional musicians.… Education Conductor Matthew Troy will lead the professionals and amateurs through a reading session of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story,’ John Williams’ ‘Superman March’ and the fourth movement of Antonin Dvorák’s ‘New World Symphony.’ ”

Posted March 31, 2016