Albany Area Senior Orchestra, promoting healthy aging with music

Posted on: April 8, 2016

“A group of senior citizens in the Capital Region is taking advantage of a natural prescription for healthy aging that’s keeping their minds sharp, their fingers nimble and their hearts full of song,” writes Niamh Molumby in Friday’s (4/8) Times-Union (Albany, NY). “They’re making music with the Albany Area Senior Orchestra…. Founded in 1977, the Albany Area Senior Orchestra is made up of senior citizens from all over the Capital Region…. They primarily play for retirement communities, nursing homes, senior centers and assisted-living facilities.” Vincent Bonafede, who taught music in schools for 33 years, conducts the orchestra. He is 65. “The 54-person orchestra includes people of all ages, even a few members who aren’t considered senior citizens.… Many of the members have musical backgrounds, having studied music in college or had a career in music or musical education…. Playing in the orchestra has many physical and mental benefits for its members, such as the mental sharpness a musician develops while reading music, or the effect that holding or blowing into an instrument has on muscles and fitness. But what everyone seems to enjoy most are the social benefits that come from being in the group.”

Posted April 8, 2016