Montreal’s Orchestre Métropolitain steps in after homeless man’s violin is stolen

Posted on: April 14, 2016

In Wednesday’s (4/13) Washington Post, Travis Andrews writes that in Montreal, Mark Landry “lives on the streets, but he brightens many commuters’ days with his violin … in Metro stations around the city…. Tuesday morning … he awoke … to find the violin that served as his livelihood and his joy had been stolen.… Landry immediately made a sign informing his morning fans of what occurred and outstretched a red Solo cup to passersby … in hopes of raising enough to buy a new one. Marie-Philippe ML saw the sign and snapped a photo, posting it to Facebook with a message that explained, in French, why she shared it: ‘in the hope that a good Samaritan has a violin to give.’ … The Orchestre Métropolitain … found the post and showed it to the orchestra’s CEO Jean R. Dupré [who called] Maison du Violon, a local violin shop, to ask if they would like to help him replace Landry’s instrument…. They offered to help Dupré give Landry a brand new violin, case and bow by selling it at cost.” Said Dupré, “This is what the orchestra is all about…. If you know music, the musicians actually connect with their instruments.”

Posted April 14, 2016