New York Philharmonic appoints Christopher Martin principal trumpet

Posted on: May 6, 2016

“The New York Philharmonic announced on Thursday that its next principal trumpet player would be Christopher Martin, who currently holds the position at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and who will begin in New York in September,” writes Michael Cooper in Thursday’s (5/5) New York Times. “Mr. Martin, who was offered the position by Alan Gilbert, the Philharmonic’s music director, will succeed Philip Smith, who retired in 2014 after 36 seasons with the orchestra.” Cooper reports that Martin is now in his eleventh season as the Chicago Symphony’s principal trumpet, and previously held posts as principal trumpet in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and associate principal in the Philadelphia Orchestra. “Many New Yorkers may have already heard him without realizing it: he played a trumpet solo in John Williams’s soundtrack for Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Lincoln.’ ”

Posted May 6, 2016