Winston-Salem Symphony appoints Art Bloom chief operating officer

Posted on: June 21, 2016

“The Winston-Salem Symphony has appointed Art Bloom, a business consultant and former marketing executive, to be its chief operating officer,” reports Lynn Felder in Friday’s (6/17) Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina). “The position is a two-year job intended to provide leadership and management for day-to-day operations of the symphony while Merritt C. Vale, president and chief executive, focuses on strategic initiatives.” Bloom is founder and former owner of The Bloom Agency, and now directs Bloom Consulting. “His new company offers strategic marketing planning and consulting services.… Bloom said that he will be letting go of most of his clients in order to do the symphony job, but he will keep some of the clients he works with after hours.” A graduate of Washington and Lee University, Bloom “was an investment counselor with Wheat First Securities. He later served as co-president of a chain of furniture stores and as a retail advertising manager for Wachovia.”  He currently “accompanies and co-directs the Arbor Acres Sharps & Flats singers, performs in musical theater, serves on several local and national boards, and composes music and musical scores.”  

Posted June 21, 2016