Was David Cameron humming the opening of Shostakovich 5?

Posted on: July 14, 2016

“Yesterday evening the nation was rapt as David Cameron hummed a strange little tune on his way back into 10 Downing Street,” writes Daniel Ross on Tuesday (7/12) at Classic FM (London, U.K.). “We analysed it for its musical content … and the internet exploded. Musicians and [music] geeks responded in their droves … [turning] it into something far more polished than we, or David Cameron, could’ve imagined.… Thomas Hewitt Jones’ ‘Fantasy on David Cameron’ for cello and piano, composed in a fervour at 2AM … has captured the imagination of the whole country.… Or what about this full orchestral version, which even has a tonality-skewing trombone gliss at the end? And then, improvisation genius Gabriela Montero sent us this work of unparalleled cleverness…. There was also a fugue for organ, performed here wonderfully by Sam Bardsley…. And an absolutely spot-on version for SATB choir…. Also, a waltz.” A July 11 Classic FM article analyzing what Cameron was humming notes, “There is a theory that the soon-to-be-former PM is actually humming the opening of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony…. Wagnerian fanfare, Beethoven-esque harmonic doubt and then a strange contemporary flourish at the end…. Is it perhaps a comment on what might be next for 10 Downing Street?”

Posted July 14, 2016