Baltimore Symphony trims marketing, education staff

Posted on: July 15, 2016

“Six administrative employees of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra lost their jobs this week when their positions were eliminated as part of an organizational restructuring,” writes Mary Carole McCauley in Thursday’s (7/14) Baltimore Sun. “Four of the jobs were in the marketing department, symphony spokeswoman Julia Kirchhausen confirmed in an email. She said that the symphony recently hired a marketing firm to help with ticket sales, and four of the jobs duplicated functions that the outside contractor would perform. The remaining positions were in the education department. Those duties will be filled by other employees and by outside contractors. ‘The organization does not anticipate any additional staff reduction, and in fact, is in the process of filling several key positions,’ Kirchhausen wrote, noting that the cuts amounted to less than 10 percent of the administrative staff. The employees who lost their jobs are being provided compensation packages and outplacement services.”

Posted July 15, 2016