A classical composer in synch with the modern age

Posted on: August 8, 2016

In Saturday’s (8/6) Connecticut Post (Bridgeport), Christina Hennessy profiles composer Cristina Spinei, a 2008 Juilliard School graduate who used “the train ride from Stamford to New York City to work on compositions. Years later, those memories helped to create ‘Meet Me Under the Clock,’ a seven-minute piece for marimba and cello…. Spinei is … releasing her debut album, ‘Music for Dance,’ with British-based record label Toccata Classics, which includes that 2013 piece and five others, including several commissioned dance pieces.” In Spinei’s interactive concerts with the musical collective she co-founded, Blind Ear, “composers create the piece at the time of the performance, using software, laptops and WI-FI to send the work, as it is being written, to the artists who are performing…. Spinei took one of these ‘real-time’ pieces and formally notated it into a permanent piece for strings, 2010’s ‘Synched’ … Spinei … tells the story of how ‘Synched’ ended up being played by the Racine Symphony Orchestra in Wisconsin last year. ‘I saw a tweet from the Racine Symphony Orchestra asking for recommendations for their program…. So I tweeted, ‘How about my music?’ From there, I got a performance…. You just have to try everything.’ ”

Posted August 8, 2016