“Night on Bald Mountain,” with head-banging

Posted on: August 11, 2016

On Monday (8/8) at the internet rock radio station knac.com (Cerritos, CA), George Mihalovich reviews an album by German guitarist Wolf Hoffman entitled Headbangers Symphony, “fully reinterpreting a broad cross-section of generally well-known classical pieces as guitar-based instrumentals…. [In] these ‘metalized’ classical pieces … the metal/rock instrumentation employed (guitar, bass and drums) is complemented by prominent … symphonic arrangements … recorded by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Prague under the direction of Wolf and … Italian musician and arranger Melo Mafali…. Headbangers Symphony kicks off with the heavy and melodic Scherzo from Ludwig v. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.… Another standout is ‘Night on Bald Mountain.’ … The more aggressive, darker compositions just seem to translate well to this format.… At its core, Headbangers Symphony is a well-produced collection of classical melodies presented as big chunky metal guitar riffs and solos with orchestral accompaniment in a band setting. Is it a bit more challenging listen than your average metal record? Yes…. It is a refreshing, varied, engaging and rewarding departure when compared to a lot of the past and current symphonic and prog metal that tries to combines similar elements.”

Posted August 11, 2016