A free classical concert—with toddler

Posted on: August 19, 2016

“When my husband and I first had our son, we didn’t realize that becoming parents meant that we would need to now pay $40 [for a babysitter] in order to go anywhere without our son,” writes Dana Norris in Tuesday’s (8/16) Cleveland Scene (Ohio). “So when my husband discovered that there was going to be a free classical concert held on a restaurant patio … I couldn’t say no…. The concert was held by Classical Revolution Cleveland…. At first, my toddler just sat on my lap…. Erica Snowden played cello and Classical Revolution Cleveland director Ariel Karaś played violin.…  We ordered appetizers and enjoyed them while rich, warm music cascaded over us. The program moved from Bach to Joplin and our toddler got up and started dancing, jig-hopping from foot to foot and charming everyone … We left before the second set because the witching hour was upon us.… ‘Mommy no hold! Mommy more music!’ he howled at me…. Will my son remember this evening and reveal one day that it was his inspiration for becoming a professional cellist? Maybe. But next time I’m going to go ahead, spend that $40, and keep the culture all to myself.”

Posted August 19, 2016