Concertgebouw Orchestra’s “ROCO Meets Europe” tour, with 28 youth orchestras

Posted on: August 24, 2016

“If each European nation can be seen as an instrument that has its own distinctive tonal qualities, then the European Union, it might be said, is a symphony of nations,” writes Nina Siegal in Wednesday’s (8/24) International New York Times. “That, at least, is the thinking behind an ambitious plan for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra … to perform in each of the 28 member states of the European Union—yes, including Britain—over its next two seasons. The program, called RCO Meets Europe, will begin in each country with an opening piece played in collaboration with the youth orchestra of each nation….  The series of concerts, led by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s incoming chief conductor, Daniele Gatti, begins on Aug. 27 with a concert at the National Concert Hall in Dublin and will end in December 2018 with a concert in Sweden…. In each country, players will meet with the local youth orchestra, which will have a rehearsal and master class with Mr. Gatti…. ‘It’s a celebration of polyphony in Europe,’ [says Jan Raes, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s managing director]. It is an apt metaphor, he said, for creating a harmonious whole by bringing together the diverse and divergent cultures of Europe…. ‘When we organized this [more than two and a half years ago], these issues were not that urgent. But now it’s much more urgent.’ ”

Posted August 24, 2016

Pictured: Daniele Gatti leads the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Athens, Greece. Photo by Charis Akriviadis