Bernadette Peters on San Diego Symphony, Broadway, “Mozart in the Jungle”

Posted on: August 26, 2016

“Bernadette Peters knows a little something about symphonies: She’s been singing with them for years, and she now stars in the Amazon series ‘Mozart in the Jungle,’ a dramedy set amid the operations of a fictional orchestra,” writes James Hebert in Thursday’s (8/25) San Diego Union Tribune. “Bernadette knows Broadway, too … and is deeply identified with the work of composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim…. Those two paths converge this weekend as Peters performs with conductor Matthew Garbutt and the San Diego Symphony as part of the Bayside Summer Nights series. We caught up with Peters by phone from New York.” Says Peters, “I love to do concerts. There’s no fourth wall, and you’re out there with the people.… I performed years years years ago with [the San Diego] Symphony…. It’s such a great symphony…. [On ‘Mozart in the Jungle’] last season we ended with the symphony on strike. So this season we’re trying to rectify that…. [This weekend at the San Diego Symphony] I hope everybody enjoys themselves, because that’s what I’m there for … to entertain…. I sing Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ on the piano. Lying on the piano. I don’t play the piano. [Laughs] … I’m looking forward to singing with this great symphony. I’m so happy it exists.”

Posted August 26, 2016

Bernadette Peters photo by Andrew Eccles