Pittsburgh Symphony musician contract talks continue past deadline

Posted on: September 6, 2016

“The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s management and musicians have agreed to a two-week extension on the musicians’ current contract, buying the parties additional time as they negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement,” writes Elizabeth Bloom in Sunday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The contract was to expire at midnight tonight. The extension ends on Sept. 18, allowing the PSO to go forward with its fundraising gala on Sept. 17, featuring music director Manfred Honeck and violinist Gil Shaham. ‘The parties have met for the past three days without reaching an agreement,’ bassist Micah Howard, chairman of the musicians’ committee, said…. Details about the negotiations remain private, as the two sides agreed to a media blackout. ‘The parties have agreed to a 14-day extension and a continued media blackout for the negotiations, and this will carry us through the gala, which is Sept. 17,’ said Louise Sciannameo, vice president for public affairs.”

Posted September 6, 2016