Gourmet Symphony, serving up classical music with food and drink

Posted on: September 14, 2016

“Conductor John Devlin and his Gourmet Symphony are turning the tables” with Gourmet Symphony, writes Courtney Sexton in Tuesday’s (9/13) On Tap Magazine (Alexandria, VA). “Patrons can consume orchestral music chosen specifically to complement uniquely themed culinary and beverage pairings…. ‘As a musician, and especially as a conductor, my job is to curate a menu for every concert the same way a chef would,’ says Devlin, who launched Gourmet Symphony nearly two years ago…. The orchestra never plays on a stage and never sits higher than the audience.… Musicians … eat, drink and talk with the audience throughout the performance…. All in all, there is about 30 minutes of music throughout the two-hour events…. The sold-out ‘Game Night’ on September 14 will feature the music of hunting horns set to a multicourse meal of dishes including guinea hen rouladen, wild boar and grilled venison leg. … [The] $100 … price tag would still be exclusionary to many of the city’s residents…. The organization has partnered with local nonprofits working with DC’s underserved and at-risk communities … to make classical music—and fine dining—an experience truly accessible to all.”

Posted September 14, 2016