Baltimore Symphony pops up at train station

Posted on: September 15, 2016

In Baltimore’s Penn Station on Wednesday, travelers were greeted “by music coming from the string section of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra,” writes Bill Hughes in Wednesday’s (9/14) Baltimore Post Examiner. “The surprise visit by the musicians is all part of the BSO’s ongoing effort to get the orchestra ‘out into the community.’ … This isn’t the first time the BSO has made such efforts to connect directly with the community. Many recall that after the April, 2015 Freddie Gray-related uprising in the city, a few of its members performed … in the heart of West Baltimore. The BSO did a similar gig, on April 28, 2015, with close to a full orchestra, in front of the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall … That very special ‘Peace and Healing’ performance couldn’t have been better timed. It was also much appreciated by those who were working hard to get our city back up on the right track. Getting back to today’s musical adventure, train travelers were also welcomed to ‘guest conduct’ the string players. A few of them took up the challenge…. By the look of the smiling faces at the scene, a good time was had by all.” Included is a slideshow/video.

Posted September 15, 2016

In photo: At the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s pop-up concert at Penn Station on September 14, audience members were invited to guest-conduct the orchestra, including the police officer pictured here. BSO Music Director Marin Alsop, seen here in background, also conducted the orchestra. Photo by Bill Hughes