Muti on keeping Chicago Symphony a cultural leader

Posted on: September 21, 2016

“Riccardo Muti is fond of quoting the early Christian theologian and philosopher St. Augustine’s famous dictum about music and musicians, ‘Cantare amantis est’ (‘Singing belongs to the one who loves’),” writes John von Rhein in Wednesday’s (9/21) Chicago Tribune. “The Chicago Symphony Orchestra music director … is calling for more people in the city … to feel the love…. Maintaining the CSO’s world preeminence is, of necessity, a costly business, he conceded…. The conductor said one of his top priorities this season will be to sit down with key CSO Association board members to find solutions.… [Muti said,] ‘Together, I hope we can do better to bring this orchestra to a position of wider appreciation for everything we do to bring bellezza (beauty) and culture to this city and the world.’ … It remains to be said that the orchestra is in superb shape, technically and musically, even more so, some would maintain, than when Muti took command in 2010. The gifted players he has hired are making significant contributions to the ensemble; their absorption into the musical culture of the orchestra ranks has been fruitful indeed.”

Posted September 21, 2016