LA Phil’s Vijay Gupta, taking active role in community

Posted on: September 30, 2016

“He has a resume that someone twice his age would be proud of, and yet Vijay Gupta is just getting started,” writes Daniel Djang on Thursday (9/29) at the visitor-information website Discover Los Angeles. “A first violin in the acclaimed Los Angeles Philharmonic … Gupta passionately extolled the virtues of his favorite things in L.A., about L.A. and for L.A., including … overseeing Street Symphony, the nonprofit music organization that he co-founded in 2011 [to present live music in prisons and to the city’s homeless]…. ‘The Philharmonic is an amazing place to work.’ … Gupta says, ‘I feel like we’re getting to our legendary sound now, from the orchestra that was built by [Esa-Pekka] Salonen before Dudamel, but also now because of this hall, because of the players…. Disney Hall is great. The orchestra is great. But … [to] see a young crowd, and see a diverse crowd, and see people who love music, that’s so cool to us!’ … Gupta singles out a perennial [Hollywood] Bowl favorite, John Williams: Maestro of the Movies…. ‘I have to say that it’s always legendary to see John Williams.’ ”

Posted September 30, 2016