Sacramento Phil & Opera receives $300K as new season begins

Posted on: October 6, 2016

“The Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera wants to be your local one-stop classical music destination,” writes Marcus Crowder in Wednesday’s (10/5) Sacramento Bee (Calif.). “The resurgent organization opens the second season of its rebirth this weekend…. Executive director Alice Sauro has just announced regional arts philanthropists the Thomas P. Raley Foundation have invested $300,000 in support of Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera over the next three years…. Its three-show ‘Pops!’ series will be underwritten by Nancy McRae Fisher for the second consecutive year. The good news seems to support the cautious stewardship of Sauro who took over the Philharmonic just a year and a half ago…. [Sauro] realized her first ‘mission was to see, what did Sacramento want from us? What did the community want from us?’ What Sauro found was the audience wanted ‘great classical music in a more relaxed setting—out in the community as well as the concert hall.’ ” Said Sauro, “We have taken on the role of working very hard to be fiscally responsible, and here we are now in year two still here and not everybody thought we’re going to make it…. We’ve really changed the demographic: a lot more young people, a lot of families.”

Posted October 6, 2016