How childhood music exposure spurred lifelong involvement

Posted on: October 17, 2016

“Some of my earliest memories are of listening to records of the Philadelphia Orchestra as a little girl, sitting by my father’s side,” writes Neeta Helms in Thursday’s (10/13) Serenade Magazine (India). Helms is president and founder of the orchestral touring company Classical Movements. “My father, Eric Daniel Helms, was a natural musician.… While posted in Bombay where my sister and I were born, my parents sang in the celebrated Paranjoti Academy Chorus [which performed] two European tours in the 1960s…. In later years … my father served on the board of the Delhi Music Society, the Delhi School of Music, and the Delhi Symphony Orchestra…. I am forever grateful to my father and his efforts. I am so pleased to be able to honour his memory through Classical Movements’ Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program. Supporting over forty commissions since 2006…. While I am not a professional musician myself, I am certain the exposure and lessons gave me a lifelong love for music…. Before he died in 2001 [he] was most thrilled … that I was working with the Philadelphia Orchestra, whose legendary recordings were those he had listened to as a child in India.”

Posted October 17, 2016