Pittsburgh Symphony contract talks resume, with media blackout

Posted on: November 2, 2016

“The musicians and management of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra aren’t talking to the media right now, but they are talking to each other,” writes Elizabeth Bloom in Monday’s (11/1) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “For the first time since the musicians went on strike, the two sides have agreed to a media blackout because they are back at the negotiating table. Reached today, representatives from both sides were not forthright about the contract discussions, but vice president of public affairs Louise Sciannameo, who speaks on behalf of the administration, said ‘negotiations are continuing.’ The two sides met with mediators this weekend and agreed to not discuss the negotiations with the media, according to bassist and orchestra committee chairman Micah Howard. The musicians and management also had a media blackout prior to the start of the strike on Sept. 30. On Oct. 17, the organization canceled orchestra concerts through Nov. 18. Administrators originally planned to announce any further concert cancellations on the first day of November, but no such announcement will be made today, Ms. Sciannameo said.”

Posted November 2, 2016