Toronto Symphony’s latest music-with-film screening: “Fellowship of the Ring”

Posted on: December 2, 2016

“Frodo, Sam, Gandalf and Aragorn’s valiant mission in Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring will be supported full-throttle” in this week’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra performances, writes Trish Crawford in Thursday’s (12/1) Toronto Star (Canada). The score is by Howard Shore, and Swiss conductor Ludwig Wicki will conduct “a large chorus and soloists performing live while the movie unspools…. Shore has conducted more than 50 such orchestras himself and says movie scores can stand on their own two feet as concert fare. ‘The Toronto Symphony, the Mendelssohn Choir, the Children’s Opera Chorus bring more than 200 musicians to the stage to recreate the score beautifully,’ he says…. Wicki … was taught by Shore to conduct using visual cues from the movie on a monitor beside him on the stage…. He has travelled extensively conducting Fellowship, calling the music ‘a new language…. The more I see it, the more it’s a piece of artwork: together, the music and the pictures…. [The] classical concert is taking a new form, live to projection.’ … The TSO will also play with animated movie Ratatouille in February and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in March.”

Posted December 2, 2016